Texas Sales and Use Tax Frequently Asked Questions

Buying, Selling or Discontinuing a Business

Do I need to apply for a new sales and use tax permit if I buy another business?

Each new business, such as a corporation, partnership or sole proprietor, must apply for its own permit. The permit cannot be transferred from one business to another.

How do I know if the business I am buying owes Texas taxes?

If you plan to buy an existing business, the inventory of an existing business or the name and goodwill of an existing business, be sure to contact the Comptroller’s office and request a Certificate of No Tax Due.

For more information, see Buying an Existing Business (PDF).

Do I need to tell the Comptroller’s office I am closing or selling my business?

Yes. You can notify the Comptroller's office that you are closing your account by entering the information on the Close Business Location webpage and selecting “Close all outlets for this taxpayer number.”