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Letter of Introduction from the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation

August 21, 2023

This booklet, originally authored by Michael J. Balint in 1967, contains a list of colleges and universities in the State of Texas, admission requirements, total expenses for an academic year, financial aid data and related information, helpful hints to the college bound, together with a Calendar of various scholarship deadlines arranged by months. It is presented as an aid mainly to senior high school students seeking higher education in Texas and to the dedicated people who teach and counsel with them. The list does not include graduate/professional schools, private specialized, or private technical schools.

It has always been the Foundation's strong belief that education beyond high school should be an attainable goal for every student who actively desires it and is academically qualified. However, as Mr. Balint often admonished, "This education will not be presented to students and served on a silver platter. They must seek it out, and the sooner they begin in thinking about it the better."

In the past, financing a college education often was a major factor facing all but the wealthy or brilliant students. This fact should no longer be true. In spite of budget cuts, there still are federal and state funds for education. These monies, together with financial aid provided by private and corporate philanthropies, and by colleges and universities as well, should open the doors to the dreams and aspirations of a college education to all who are qualified.

Education should lead to self-actualization and self-fulfillment - a richer, more satisfying life. Much is to be gained and nothing lost by pursuing a college education.

College graduates, statistically, earn, on the average, about half again as much money during their lifetimes than most people who have completed only a high school education. This statement does not mean, however, that a college education is the only path to success for each and every high school student. There are many vocational and technical careers which do not require four years of college education and yet pay hand-some wages. This booklet is specifically aimed at being a helpful tool for the college-bound.

There is another "aim" in making this publication available, gratis, to students: A literate, well-educated populace is the keystone of a functioning and successful democracy. A continuing aim of the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation, in following the Founders' mandate, "... assisting young men and women ... wishing to attend colleges and universities to complete their education and obtain degrees ..." is to make the transition from high school to college both attractive and attainable.

In the interest of educational ecology, it is suggested that after high school seniors have finished using this booklet, it be passed on to someone they know in the junior class.

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