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    United States Military Academy
    Attn: Admissions Officer
    606 Thayer Road, Bldg. 606
    West Point, NY  10996
    845-938-4041 or 845-938-4011
    email: or
    A congressional or service-connected nomination is required to attend
    West Point. This is due January 31 of the academic year you begin
    college. Admission is based on academic performance, demonstrated 
    leadership potential, physical fitness and receipt of a congressional
    or service-connected nomination. Candidates must be United States 
    citizens, at least 17 and not yet 23 years old on July 1st of the year
    of admission. Candidates must not be married, pregnant or have a legal 
    obligation to support a dependent.  Documentation of citizenship is 
    required.  To compete for admission, candidates must also meet medical 
    and physical qualification standards.  Tuition, room, board, medical 
    and dental care are at no cost; cadet's salary pays for uniforms and 
    books.  Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science degree and a commission 
    as Second Lieutenant in the United States Army. Graduates serve a 
    minimum of five years active duty.  May officially apply to West Point 
    starting January of junior year of high school. 

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