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    The United States Merchant Marine Academy
    Attn:  Admissions Department
    300 Steamboat Road
    Kings Point, NY  11024-1699
    516-726-5646 or 866-546-4778
    A candidate must obtain a congressional nomination from a U.S. Senator
    or Representative from their home (domicile) state to be considered for
    an appointment. 

    Also, must be a U.S. citizen (either by birth or naturalization),
    17 to 25 years old (cannot have passed their 25th birthday by 1 July 
    of the year they plan to enter the academy), good moral character, 
    physical aptitude, academically qualified. You must meet the physical, 
    security and character requirements necessary for appointment as U.S. 
    Navy Reserve, Merchant Marine Reserve midshipmen.

    Official transcripts are to be mailed to the address above.  Results
    from the SAT and/or the ACT are accepted up to the February test date
    of the year in which you are seeking admission.  Minimum qualifying
    test scores can be found on the website listed above.  Writing scores
    are used for placement upon enrollment. Use College Board Code of 2923
    for SAT and use ACT Code of 2974.

    Write to the Admissions Office for detailed information on the 
    nomination procedure.  It is advisable to apply for a nomination
    by June 1 of the junior year in high school.

    Candidates must also apply to the Academy and request an Admissions 
    Application.  Applications may also be initiated on-line through the 
    Academy's website:  Application deadline is February 1
    of year of admission.

    You may obtain additional information by calling the Academy, or 
    via e-mail:

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