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    Atlantic Housing Foundation Scholarships
    4770 Iberia Ave., Suite 100
    Dallas, TX  75207
    Atlantic Housing Foundation offers academic and housing scholarships
    with priority given to Atlantic Housing residents.  Family Gross Income 
    (1040 Tax Return) must be less than 100% of HUD established medium 
    income level for the city/county of residence.  

    Academic Scholarships are open to students of all majors, in addition
    to specific scholarships available to students interested in pursuing
    careers in Education, Music, Art and Design.

    Housing scholarships are only awarded to students attending or planning 
    to attend specific colleges/universities in the cities of Huntsville,
    Denton and San Marcos, while residing at an Atlantic Housing property.

    All applicants must be registered as full-time students at a four-year
    university, technical school or two-year college and expected to 
    maintain a 2.5 GPA.  

    Atlantic Housing also offers a "Good Grades" Rent Discount Program to
    their resident families with students in K-12 who achieve perfect 
    attendance and are on the A or A/B honor roll.  

    For more details and application information, visit the website at:

    Deadline for Applications:  April 30 AND October 30

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