programs Minnie Stevens Piper Compendium


    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
    1005 N. Glebe Road, Suite 220
    Arlington, VA 22201-5718
    Members may call for application:  703-875-0404 or 800-881-2462

    Information and applications for the three programs listed below
    are also available on the following website:

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance operates an education assistance program
    helping Coast Guard families attain their academic goals.  Eligibility
    is extended to active duty, reserve and retired Coast Guard military
    personnel, Coast Guard civilian employees, Coast Guard Auxiliarists,
    and Public Health Service Officers serving with the Coast Guard.

    Supplemental Education Grant (SEG):  Grants of up to $500 a year in
    reimbursement for certain specific costs associated with seeking a
    college degree, a Vocational and Technical Training (VoTech) certifi-
    cate, or GED.  Available to eligible individuals on behalf of them-
    selves, their spouses or dependent children.  Student must be enrolled
    in a college or university undergraduate or postgraduate degree 
    program, pursuing an accredited VoTech Training Program, or seeking a
    GED.  Application must be received and processed within 12 months from
    the date of purchase of items for which reimbursement is requested.

    CGMA Stafford/PLUS Loan Origination Fee Refund:  Grants provided as
    a refund of the loan fee charged to borrowers for Stafford or PLUS 
    loans.  Available to all eligible individuals on behalf of themselves, 
    their spouses and dependent children.  Application for refund must be 
    submitted within 12 months after the date loan funds are disbursed to 
    the school.

    CGMA Education Loan:  CGMA will loan up to $3,000 to eligible students
    to assist with education expenses. Available to all CGMA eligible
    individuals on behalf of themselves or eligible family members.  The
    student must be enrolled in an Associate, Bachelor or Graduate degree
    program at a regionally or nationally accredited college or university,
    or in a Department of Veterans Affairs or Department of Education
    approved Vocational Technical Training (VoTech) program.