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    Frost National Bank
    c/o Ms. Kathleen Finck, Sr. Vice President
    P.O. Box 1600  T-7
    San Antonio, Texas  78296
    Phone: (210) 220-4438

    Four year renewable scholarship available to young men graduating from
    Texas high schools who plan to attend a Texas college or university and
    to pursue a bachelor's degree - not a trade school certificate.  Value
    of scholarship is based on financial need. Amount: not to exceed $5,000 
    per year for consecutive Fall/Spring semesters.

    Eligibility requirements:
         - Male
         - High school senior in year of initial application
         - Texas resident for at least 1 year prior to date of application
         - Plan to attend college in Texas
         - Plan to pursue a bachelor's degree
         - Good character
         - Financial need
         - Academic ability

    Student must maintain full time status and earn a GPA of at least a
    2.5 on a 4.0 scale per semester for renewal eligibility.

    Students planning to earn a trade school certificate are not eligible
    for this scholarship.

    Applications Open: December (see website for exact date and procedures)

    Deadline:  February 23

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