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    The Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation, Inc.
    4180 State Highway 6 S
    College Station, TX  77845
    The Opportunity Scholarship Program is an academically-competitive
    program in which a scholar's academic achievements and their 4-H
    experience are highly valued.  To apply for a Texas 4-H and Youth
    Development Opportunity Scholarship, an applicant must, as a minimum:
          - Have made formal application to enroll with intent to
              attend a Texas college or university and have met the 
              entrance requirements for that college or university
          - Be actively participating in 4-H
          - Be a Texas resident
          - Have successfully obtained the minimum test results for 
              either the Baccalaureate Scholarship Program or the 
              Technical Certification Scholarship Program, as outlined 
              at the website
          - Plan to attend a Texas College or University

    Courageous Heart Scholarships are awarded to members who have main-
    tained an active 4-H career in spite of unforeseen obstacles related 
    to their medical/health, family, and/or educational situation.  See 
    website for eligibility, nomination requirements and application 
    deadlines.  The minimum scholarship is $3,000.
    Deadline:  February (apply through local County Extension Agent)

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