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    Air Force Aid Society
    Education Assistance Dept. 
    241 18th Street South, Suite 202
    Arlington, VA  22202-3409
    The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) awards grants, ranging from $500 to
    $4,000, to undergraduates in June based on competitive need-selection 
    criteria uniquely tailored to Air Force families.  

    Grants are available for dependent sons and daughters of Air Force 
    members in one of the following categories:  active duty; retired due 
    to length of duty or disability; deceased while on active duty or in 
    retired status; Title 10 Reserve on extended active duty; retired Guard 
    and Reserve; and Title 32 AGR performing full time duties.  Spouses of 
    active duty members are also eligible.  Surviving spouses of members 
    qualifying in the deceased category are eligible.  Applicant must be 
    enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a full-time undergraduate 
    student in a college or university approved by the U.S. Department of 
    Education.  Applications are available in November of preceding year 
    from website only.
    Deadline for AFAS Grants:  Mid-March

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