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    American Legion, Texas
    Oratorical Contest Chairman
    P.O. Box 140527
    Austin, TX  78714-0527
    Annual scholarships for undergraduate studies available to eligible
    high school students under the age of 20, and residing in Texas.  Four
    awards from $500-$2,000.  First place winner to enter state contest 
    earns $2000. State winner to compete in national contest.  National 
    finalists winners are awarded scholarships of $20,000-$25,000.
    Basis for selection:  Competition, talent, interest in oratory debate,
    breadth of knowledge, originality, application of knowledge of topic,
    skill in selecting examples and analogies, logic, voice, diction style
    language and delivery.  Applicant must demonstrate patriotism.

    The contest consists of two speeches:  a Prepared Oration and an 
    Assigned Topic.  The Prepared Oration must be on some aspect of the 
    Constitution of the United States with emphasis on the duties and 
    obligations of a citizen to our government.  The Assigned Topic will
    be selected from Articles and Sections as listed under Assigned Topics 
    for the current year's contest.

    For more information visit:, or

    Deadline:  December (see website)


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