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    Texas Association, Family, Career & Community Leaders of America
    Attention: Scholarships
    1107 W. 45th Street
    Austin, TX  78756
    Phone:  512-306-0099 
    Fax:  512-442-7100 
    Some scholarships available through Family, Career & Community Leaders
    of America require students to major in family and consumer sciences.
    Applicants who meet Texas Association, Family, Career & Community
    Leaders of America membership requirements may apply.  There are
    standard requirements set for all FCCLA scholarships as well as 
    individual requirements specific to each scholarship.

        C.J. Davidson Scholarship - FCCLA awards ten scholarships to out-
        standing members in Texas.  The scholarship is for $2,250 per 
        semester and will be continued for eight semesters, for a total of
        $18,000 if the recipient continues to be qualified under the rules 
        regulated by the scholarship.  Must major in FCS.

        FFCLA Regional Scholarship - Five $1,000 scholarships will be 
        awarded annually.  Attach a theme of approximately 500 words on the 
        topic of how your involvement in FCCLA and Family & Consumer 
        Sciences has prepared you for your future.  Must major in FCS.

    For eligibility requirements and application, visit website above.
    Deadline for submitting materials for ALL scholarships is March 1.