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    Phone:  800-670-4787
    The Foundation provides college and technical school scholarships to
    exceptional students.  It is a renewable scholarship award with the 
    value based on the applicant's demonstrated financial need (not to
    exceed $11,000 per academic year).  The length of renewal eligibility
    will be commensurate with the length of the student's course of study,
    not to exceed four years. 
    Students must be attending (or planning to attend) accredited under-
    graduate college and universities, graduate schools, and vocational
    or technical schools that are designated as qualified organizations 
    (a not-for-profit educational institution)

    Eligibility requirements: 
      - citizen of the U.S.
      - legal resident of Texas (at least one year prior to application)
      - be a person of good character with preference given to Christians
          who attend church on a regular basis
      - demonstrate academic potential and ability
      - demonstrate a need for financial assistance

    Download an application at:

    Deadline:  February - check website for exact date


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