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    Fernanda Garcia-Pina
    Director of Research Operations
    Lighthouse Guild
    250 West 64th Street
    New York, NY 10023
    Lighthouse Guild has created an annual scholarship program for college-
    bound high school students and graduate students who are legally blind.
    Applications will be accepted from high school students during their
    senior year, with recipients selected and scholarships awarded in the
    summer.  The program awards approximately 10-15 scholarships of up to
    $10,000 each.

    The Lighthouse Guild application process is online.  Recommendations
    and personal statement must be submitted electronically in Word; other
    supporting documents may be in Word, PDF, JPEG or TIFF.  For more 
    information about the program, visit website above or call Gordon 
    Rovins at 212-769-7801.

    Deadline: March 31.


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