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    Texas Mutual Insurance Company
    Office of the President
    2200 Aldrich Street
    Austin, TX 78273
    800-859-5995, ext. 3907
    Texas Mutual Insurance Company is a workers' compensation insurance
    carrier.  The scholarship program provides up to $6,000 per individual
    per semester for tuition and fees to (1) surviving unmarried spouses
    and unmarried children of an individual who died as a result of a 
    compensable on-the-job injury while working for one of Texas Mutual 
    Insurance Company's policyholders, (2) policyholder employees who 
    qualify for lifetime income benefits pursuant to the Texas Workers' 
    Compensation Act and (3) family members of injured employees who 
    qualify for lifetime income benefits.  All awards are completely 
    discretionary, and several factors may be considered before offering
    a scholarship, including the applicant's economic need, standardized
    test scores, and high school or college academic performance.
    Additionally, the recipient must maintain at least a 2.50 grade point
    average for the duration of the scholarship period.  

    If you are interested in more information about the scholarship pro-
    gram, please visit the Injured Worker section of our website (listed
    above) or contact Temetria McVea at (800)859-5995, ext. 3907.

    Scholarship Criteria
      - Applicants must be either (1) a surviving unmarried spouse or un-
        married child of an employee who died as a result of a compensable
        work-related accident or illness while working for a Texas Mutual
        policyholder; (2) a person whose injuries qualify them for lifetime
        income benefits under the Texas Workers' Compensation Act or their
        spouse or child.
      - Children must be younger than 25 years of age and entering or
        enrolled in an undergraduate program, technical or vocational
        school for the semester for which they are applying.
      - Surviving spouses still eligible for workers' compensation
        benefits are also eligible for scholarship consideration.
      - All applicants must meet academic standards set by the Scholarship

    Scholarship Distribution
    Tuition and fee scholarship awards will be paid directly to the 
    college, university, technical or vocational school in the recipient's 
    name.  Scholarship awards may vary depending on the needs and educa-
    tional expenses of the student.  Scholarships are intended to cover 
    normal undergraduate, technical and vocational school tuition and fees.
    Financial assistance for course-related books and supplies is also
    available up to $600 per semester; students must provide satisfactory
    documentation for reimbursement.

    *The scholarship program and all awards are totally discretionary and
     may be altered or discontinued at any time without notice.

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