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    The College Access Loan Program provides alternative education loans 
    to Texas students who are unable to meet the cost of attendance.  The 
    amount of federal aid for which you are eligible must be deducted from
    the cost of attendance in determining the CAL loan amount.  A fixed
    annual interest rate of 3.75% is applied.  Interest is not capitalized.

    Students must meet the following eligibility requirements:
     - be a Texas resident 
     - be registered with the Selective Service, or be exempt
     - be accepted for enrollment and enrolled at least half-time in a 
        course of study leading to a certificate, an associate, bachelor's,
        graduate, or higher degree; or an approved alternative educator
        certification program
     - meet the institution's satisfactory academic progress requirements
     - receive favorable credit evaluation or provide a cosigner who has 
        good credit standing and meets other requirements

    Online Application and complete details regarding eligibility, loan
    amounts, interest rates, etc. can be found at; or you
    may call 1-800-242-3062; or contact the Financial Aid office at your 


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