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Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation
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    Provides tuition assistance to students from other nations of the
    Western Hemisphere (other than the U.S.A. and Cuba), who must:
     - Be a native-born citizen and resident of an eligible country
     - Were born in and are current residents of a nation of the Western
       Hemisphere other than Cuba or the United States
     - Intend to return to the eligible country upon completion of the 
       program of study
     - Not be a dual citizen of an eligible county and the U.S.A.
     - Have resided in the Western Hemisphere for at least five years
     - Not be a member of the Communist Party
     - Have filed a selective service statement of registration status
         with their institution
     - Be recommended for exemption by a participating institution that
         the applicant currently attends or will attend
     - Have met the basic scholastic requirements for admission to said
     - Be selected by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for

    This award is limited only to Texas public colleges and universities,
    who have chosen to participate in the program. The award exempts the
    eligible student from payment of tuition for 12 months, beginning
    with the fall term or semester.

    For General Questions call 888-311-8881; or contact the office of 
    Financial Aid and/or the International Student Affairs Office at your
    institution for GPA, total number of hours allowed, additional 
    requirements and application.
    Deadline is March 15

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