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    Provides tuition assistance to students from other nations of the
    Western Hemisphere (other than Cuba), who:
     - Be a native-born citizen and resident of an eligible country
     - Were born in and are current residents of a nation of the Western
       Hemisphere other than Cuba or the United States
     - Intend to return to the eligible country upon completion of the 
       program of study
     - Not be a dual citizen of an eligible county and the U.S.A.
     - Have resided in the Western Hemisphere for at least five years
     - Not be a member of the Communist Party
     - Have filed a selective service statement of registration status
         with their institution
     - Be recommended for exemption by a participating institution that
         the applicant currently attends or will attend
     - Have met the basic scholastic requirements for admission to said
    This award is limited only to Texas public colleges and universities.
    Contact the office of Financial Aid and/or the International Student 
    Affairs Office at your institution for GPA, total number of hours 
    allowed, additional requirements and application.
    Deadline is March 15

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