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    The purpose of the program is to provide grant aid to students with
    financial need who are enrolled in public two-year community colleges,
    public technical colleges or public state colleges in Texas.  Funding 
    is limited.

    Applicants must:
     - Be classified by the institution as a Texas resident
     - Show financial need
     - Register for the Selective Service, unless exempt
     - Be enrolled at least half time as an undergraduate at an eligible
         2-year institution.
     - Not have attempted more than 30 semester credit hours (excluding 
         credits for dual enrollment or by examination)
     - Not have already earned an associates or baccalaureate degree
     - Not have been convicted of a felony or a crime involving a 
        controlled substance
    Eligible students may receive from $3,414 to $7,958 in funds for the 
    2022-2023 academic year, depending on the type of college attended:
       Public Community College - $1,707 per semester
       Public State College - $1,533 per semester
       Public Technical Institute - $3,979 per semester

    Students continuing in college and who meet program academic standards 
    can receive awards as well.  The academic requirements for continuing
    in the program are listed on the website.  

    Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Visit for more information.

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