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    Exemptions are a type of financial assistance allowing some Texas
    residents to attend a public college or university in Texas without
    paying tuition or, in some cases, tuition and fees.

    Listed below are some exemption programs available to Texas residents.

    -Adopted Students Formerly under the Conservatorship of the Texas
       Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS)
    -Blind/Deaf Student Exemption Program
    -Children of Disabled or Deceased Firemen, Peace Officers, Game
       Wardens, and Employees of Correctional Institutions
    -Combat Exemption for Children of Military Service Members
    -Concurrent Enrollment Waiver 
    -Exemption for Highest Ranking High School Graduate
    -Exemption for Out-of-District Fees for Certain Students Living Outside
       a Public Community/Junior College's Taxing District
    -Exemption for Students Enrolled in Courses for Dual High School 
       and College-Level Credit
    -Exemption for the Surviving Spouse and Minor Children of Certain
       Deceased Public Servants (Employees)
    -Exemption from Irrelevant Fees
    -Exemption Program for Children of Professional Nursing Program Faculty
       and Staff
    -Exemption Program for Clinical Preceptors and Their Children
    -Fee Proration for Students Enrolled in Shorter than Average Terms
    -Military:  Children of U.S. Military who are MIA or POW
    -Military:  Orphans of Texas Members of the U.S. Armed Forces
       or National Guard
    -Military:  Texas National Guard Tuition Assistance Program
    -TAPS for Tuition Program
    -Tuition Exemption for Current or Former Foster Care Students under
       Conservatorship of the Texas Department of Family and Protective
       Services (TDFPS)
    -Tuition Reduction for Students Taking More than 15 Hours

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