HUB Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a HUB certification?

You can begin the HUB certification process by completing a company profile on-line at https://mycpa.cpa.state.tx.us/securitymp1portal/displayLoginUser.do . After completing the company profile you will need to print out the application summary (HUB application) and list of supporting documentation for which we will need copies of. The HUB application will need to be notarized and you will mail in the original notarized application along with the supporting documentation. The HUB certification process will not begin until we receive the original notarized HUB application and supporting documentation via mail.

Can the public and vendors use the Statewide HUB Program Logo?
How do vendors receive the HUB Certificate?

Usually within one week from the approval date, certificates are emailed to the vendor's email address listed on the company profile.

What is the processing time for HUB Certification application packets?

By law, HUB has up to 90 days to process a complete (all required documentation provided) HUB application. However, our normal processing time is generally between four to six weeks.

How much does it cost to get HUB Certified?

HUB certification is free!

What is a Stock Issuance/Transfer Ledger (Corporation) or Membership Issuance/Transfer Ledger (Limited Liability Company)?

A ledger is a document that helps the shareholders(corporation) /members (LLC) owner(s) keep track of any stock/shares or membership units/percentage issued. It needs to be completed in full to identify the company name, individual shareholder/member/owner's name, address, certificate number, number of shares/units/or percentage ownership, date became owner, original issue or transferred from one individual to another and amount paid/capital contribution.

Can my vendor profile have more than one email address?

The vendor profile has space for only one email address.

Can a vendor complete the HUB Certification Renewals online?

Vendors are currently not able renew their HUB Certification online. HUB renewal application packets are emailed to the vendors 120 days before they are due to expire to ensure ample time for renewal prior to their certification expiring.

Why is it not possible to go back into the on-line system and print the HUB application once I have closed out?

The on-line system only gives you one opportunity to print out the application and list of supporting documentation. If you are unable to print out the application initially, then you will have to go the following website to print out the application https://comptroller.texas.gov/purchasing/vendor/hub/forms.php.

Can I email the HUB application and documents?

The HUB application must be mailed to the Statewide HUB Program as we require the original notarized application.

Why would the company certify with the Statewide HUB program if they certified with another entity?

HUB certification is a marketing tool for doing business with State agencies, universities, and prisons. It is the choice of the company to certify with whatever entity they would like to. However, generally the different certifications are specific to taping into different funded (city, county, state) opportunities. However, the Statewide HUB Program does not charge a fee for the certification and the certification is for 4 years.

How do I get a reprint of my HUB Certificate if I have lost it?

A request for duplicate copy of the Statewide HUB Certificate can be sent to StatewideHUbProgram@cpa.texas.gov or the vendor can call in to our toll free line at 1-888-863-5881 and request a copy be emailed.

If the HUB Certified company was bought out by another company or the ownership has changed, will the HUB certification automatically transfer over to the new owner(s)?

HUB certification does not transfer to the new owner(s). The new company (or owners) will have to apply with the Statewide HUB Program to ensure the new owner(s) meet all of the eligibility criterion.

What is the difference between HUB Zone and Statewide HUB Certification?

HUB Zone is a federal certification administered by the Small Business Administrative (SBA) for taping into federally funded contracts. The Comptroller of Public Accounts administers the Statewide HUB program, which taps into state funded contracts.