In September 2023, the Comptroller’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) completed its reaccreditation as a “Recognized Agency” under the Accreditation Program, its fourth such recognition. Working with CID’s Accreditation Program Manager and Assistant Program Manager, an on-site team of inspectors performed an independent review of facilities and manually verified each Best Practice against CID's policy manual and proofs of compliance to ensure each applicable Best Practice was met. Trained police chiefs from other areas of our state conducted the review. Results were sent to the Recognition Committee of Texas Police Chiefs Association Foundation (TPCAF) for final analysis and received an unanimous vote of program compliance. The Texas Police Chiefs Association Program Director will officially present this coveted award to Chief Jim Harris at the Spring 2024 conference.

Texas law enforcement professionals carefully developed the 173 Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices, which cover all aspects of law enforcement operations including investigative operations, property and evidence management, protection of citizen rights and use of force.

Initiated in 2006, the TPCAF Best Practices Accreditation Program is a voluntary program for law enforcement agencies. Every four years, the program requires an agency to conduct a critical self-review of its policies, procedures, facilities and operations, and to prepare proofs of compliance for each applicable Best Practice. Annual reports are submitted for years between formal on-site visits.

In 2011, CID was the 47th law enforcement entity in the state to be “Recognized” and the first among state law enforcement agencies. CID was then re-recognized in 2015, 2019, and 2023.