In police work, it's essential to have a good partner.

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) prides itself on working well with others outside the agency, particularly its brother officers/sister agencies and the state's business community.

Collaboration is vital to combating tax crime. Learn how it's done:

Public Relations

The CID does not operate in a vacuum.

Showcasing successful prosecutions helps deter the commission of state tax crime. Publicizing pending cases where suspects remain at large is a key component of investigative work. Gathering information from the general public often leads to opening new cases.

Learn more and find out how you can help here:

  • Case Closed - Read about those who fought the state's tax laws and lost.
  • Tax Fugitives - See which suspects/defendants are still out there...for now.
  • Reporting Fraud - Contact CID if you suspect fraudulent or criminal state tax activity.