Not unlike running restaurants and selling real estate, solving tax crimes often comes down to "location, location, location."

If you know the whereabouts of any of these suspects, email or call the Criminal Investigation Division toll free at 800-531-5441, Ext. 3-8707. You do not have to disclose your name.

Remember: Never attempt to apprehend a fugitive yourself.

Yousef Ishaq Abuteir

Yousef Ishaq Abuteir

Age: 51

Offense: Evades or Attempts to Evade Motor Fuel Tax (F2)

Cause number: D1DC07-900187

Other Counts: Bail Jumping and Failure to Appear (F3)

Status: Convicted by Travis Co. jury in 12/08; jumped bond before sentenced. Jury returned a verdict of 7 years in prison and $10,000 fine. Abuteir subsequently indicted for Bail Jumping, a third-degree felony. He faces an additional 10 years in prison on that charge.

Dollar Amount Evaded: $4.5 million

Location: Travis County Jail

Booking Date: 9-25-2015, 1740 hours

Bond: $1,000,000 bond on state charges
Federal Hold with No Bond
Recently extradited back to the United States from overseas pending federal sentencing.