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Admission Requirements

Apply at ApplyTexas.org and pay the $40 application fee Graduate from a high school accredited by a regional accrediting agency or from a high school accredited by the TEA Must meet the required high school units, class rank, & ACT/SAT score requirements for the recommended graduation plan and pathway.

Test/Rank Pathway to Admission:

H.S. ClassRankACTSAT
Top 25%=Not requiredAutomatic Admission
2nd Qtr.and211070Unconditionally Admit
3rd Qtr.and231140Unconditionally Admit
4th Qtr.and241180Unconditionally Admit
Home School/Non-RankingMust meet College Readiness
Benchmarks and required curriculum

Test-Optional Pathway to Admission:

3.00 - 4.00 GPAAutomatic Admission
2.75 - 2.99 GPAUnconditional Admission (must have 2 courses of AP, Pre-AP, IB, Honors or Dual Credit)
2.50 - 2.74Conditional Admission
2.25 - 2.49MSU Bridge Program

Deadline for Application for Admission


  • Fall - March 1
  • Spring - November 1
  • Summer - May 1
  • Fall - August 1
  • Spring - December 1

On-Campus Housing

  • Available

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and FeesOn-Campus BudgetOff-Campus Budget
$10,405$24,871$17,496-With Parent

Financial Aid

Requirements to Apply

  • FAFSA form

Types Available

Deadline for Application

  • January 15 (Will continue to award through March 1 for most institutional grants)

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