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Admission Requirements

  • Test Optional (ACT/SAT)
  • Complete application with short admission essay and pay $75 non-refundable fee
  • Indicate on application whether you are submitting application as test optional or not.
  • Submit Transcript and personal resume listing extra-curricular activities and community service

Admission With Test Scores:

Class RankACTorSATAdmission
Top 10%No minimum scoreAssured
11% - 25%211080Assured
26% - 50%241170Assured
51% or lowerIndividual ReviewIndividual Review

Admission Without Test Scores:

Class RankGPA RequirementAdmission
Top 10%No minimum scoreAssured
11% - 25%3.40 or greaterAssured
lower than 3.40 GPAIndividual Review
26% - 50%3.45 or greaterAssured
lower than 3.45Individual Review
51% or lower----Individual Review

NOTE: Home School, non-ranking schools and GED students also by Individual Review

Deadline for Application for Admission

Freshman Priority Deadline: November 1

  • Fall - May 31
  • Spring - December 1
  • Summer - May 2

On-Campus Housing

  • Available

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and FeesOn-Campus BudgetOff-Campus Budget
$29,252-With Parent

Financial Aid

Requirements to Apply

  • FAFSA form

Types Available

Deadline for Application

  • January 15 for priority
  • Priority deadline to submit FAFSA: January 15

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