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Property Value Study and Self Reports

The primary purpose of the PVS is to help ensure equitable distribution of state funding for public education. Government Code Section 403.302 requires the Comptroller's office to conduct a study to determine the total taxable value of all property in each school district at least once every two years. The Comptroller's Property Tax Assistance Division (PTAD) conducts the property value study (PVS) to estimate a school district's taxable property value. The results of the PVS can affect a school district's state funding. The Commissioner of Education uses the PVS results to ensure equitable distribution of education funds so school districts have roughly the same number of dollars to spend per student, regardless of the school district's property wealth.

The secondary purpose of the PVS is to collect data to provide taxpayers, school districts, appraisal districts and the Legislature with measures of appraisal district performance. Tax Code Section 5.10 requires the Comptroller's office to measure appraisal district performance at least once every two years and to publish the results. PTAD measures the level and uniformity of property tax appraisals using data collected in the school district PVS.

The Property Value Study and How to Protest (PDF) presents an overview of the PVS, provides information regarding the PVS procedures and provides guidance on considering and preparing a protest of the PVS preliminary findings of taxable value.