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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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Texas Women InEducation and Health Services

Education and Health Services Overview | Printable Snapshot (PDF)

The education and health services industry, sometimes called a “super sector,” is comprised of two distinct sectors – educational services and health care and social assistance. In 2016, education and health services contributed $104.8 billion to Texas’ GDP. In 2017, women held 77 percent of the state’s 1.6 million jobs in the industry – the highest share of female employment among all industries in Texas.

Jobs held by Texas women in this industry

The employment of 1.3 million Texas women in education and health services generates additional business activities throughout the Texas economy and ultimately supports nearly 1.2 million additional Texas jobs.

This sector contributed
$104.8 billion
to the state economy in 2016.

Sources: Emsi, BEA.

Educational Services Jobs, 2017
Industry/Sector Number of Jobs Average Annual Earnings Women's Jobs Women's Share of Total Jobs
Total Education and Health Services 1,642,459 $56,068 1,262,283 77%
Educational Services Total 203,684 $50,580 130,449 64%
Elementary and Secondary Schools 74,818 $46,119 56,054 75%
Junior Colleges 2,151 $37,414 1,299 60%
Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools 70,423 $59,881 38,847 55%
Business Schools and Computer and Management Training 5,404 $84,589 2,785 52%
Technical and Trade Schools 10,382 $63,457 4,880 47%
Other Schools and Instruction 30,807 $26,538 20,147 65%
Educational Support Services 9,700 $64,016 6,437 66%
Total Health Care and Social Assistance 1,438,775 $56,844 1,131,834 79%
Ambulatory Health Care Services 715,050 $62,367 560,116 78%
Hospitals 327,746 $75,198 250,721 76%
Nursing and Residential Care Facilities 184,993 $37,726 147,794 80%
Social Assistance 210,986 $26,380 173,203 82%

Source: Emsi

THE EDUCATION SERVICES SECTOR includes establishments providing specialized instruction and training usually delivered by instructors or teachers.

Establishments in the education services sector are mostly privately owned. The majority of Texas’ public educational institutions are classified within the government sector.

Highest paid, women-dominated occupations in the education services sector in Texas:

Occupation Average Hourly Earnings Percent Women
Librarians $28.17 86%
Special Education Teachers $27.18 87%
Elementary and Middle School Teachers $26.37 81%

Source: Emsi

THE HEALTH CARE AND SOCIAL ASSISTANCE SECTOR includes establishments in which trained professionals deliver medical care or social assistance.

Highest paid, women-dominated occupations in the the health care and social assistance sector in Texas include:

Occupation Average Hourly Earnings Percent Women
Nurse Practitioners $52.91 88%
Nurse Midwives $46.28 88%
Therapists $39.05 75%
Audiologists $38.04 78%
Dental Hygienists $35.09 94%

Source: Emsi


Texas women have a large impact on two major determinants of overall quality of life and economic vitality – education and health. In addition, the number of jobs held by Texas women working in the education and health services industry GENERATES ADDITIONAL BUSINESS ACTIVITIES THAT ULTIMATELY SUPPORT NEARLY 1.2 MILLION JOBS in industries throughout the state economy.

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